County Clerk


 Mandi Park

Mandi Park
County Clerk

Nathalia Baca
Chief Deputy

Silke Humpe
County Service Specialist 

Lisa Gonzales
County Service Specialist

The Roosevelt County Clerk’s office is responsible for issuing Marriage Licenses, recording Real Property Records, overseeing Elections and Voter Registration, issuing Business Licenses for business out in the county, recording Military Discharges and some Probates.

Election Results are available through the New Mexico Secretary of State’s Website

Click here For Roosevelt County Results

Click here For New Mexico State Results

Requirements to register to vote: You must be 18 years of age.You must be a United States Citizen. You must not be a felon.  A voter must be registered 28 days prior to the election.  Seventeen year olds may register six months prior to their birthday.  Felons must bring a Certificate of Completion to our office and fill out a new registration form.

For a simple and quick voter registration please visit the County Clerk’s office at 109 W 1st Street in Portales or call our office at 575.356.8562.

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**Notice** Documents recorded in the office of the county clerk are public records, subject to inspection and disclosure. Courtesy searches will be conducted at the discretion of the County Clerk. Searches and services that require the devoted attention of an employee (i.e.: companies scanning documents using their own equipment and/or redacting for a private vendor) will be charged at a rate of $20.00 per hour.

Click on the link below to view your registration status and sample ballot: