DWI Program


Darla Reed
Local DWI Coordinator


Laurie Collins
Teen Court Case Manager and Preventionist


Shannon Morrison
DWI Program Evaluator


The Roosevelt County DWI Task Force, recognizing that a problem with DWI alcohol related incidents/accidents does exist, is committed to increase the public awareness of said problem through: Enforcement, Prevention, Offender Programs, Public Information and Education, and Treatment. The Roosevelt County DWI Task Force is established pursuant to the authority provided by the Laws 1991 Chapter 245, Section 2; shall strictly adhere to the guidelines set forth by the State of New Mexico. Local By-Laws were established in 1994 and the latest amended version is adhered to yearly.

The mission of the local DWI Grant Program is to reduce the incidence of DWI, alcoholism, alcohol abuse and alcohol-related domestic violence (per DFA DWI definition)

Local goals:
To reduce and prevent incidents of alcohol and drug related DWI/DUI.
To reduce and prevent incidents of underage drinking and other drug use.

Forms and Information Documents