Planning/Rural Addressing


109 W 1st Street
Portales, NM 88130
575.226.3401 (fax)

The Rural Addressing department is responsible for providing and maintaining all Roosevelt County residents with a current physical address which aides emergency responders in all emergency situations. Rural Addressing department maintains all county road signs and creates and prints all county maps. You can purchase these county maps through the Office. Additionally, the department also laminates any document up to 36″ wide for 50 cents per foot.

Roosevelt County Map

Claim of Exemption Form (revised 2015)

Easement Application

Links of interest:

Under Jurisdiction: Select the state, for us it will be NM. Select the county, For us Roosevelt County.

Then select a community, there is Portales, Elida, Floyd, Roosevelt County all jurisdiction or Roosevelt County unincorporated areas.

Once selected hit search and it will take you to search results.

Go to: Preliminary Products file folder and open. From the you can download all product

National Flood Hazard Layer Viewer

Estimated BFE Viewer (works best on Firefox and Chrome)

FEMA Flood Map Changes Viewer

Fact Sheet: Map Changes and Flood Insurance –Property Owners

FEMA Map Specialists/FEMA Map Information eXchange

Region 6 Application Form for Submitting Appeals and Comments