2021-01 Roosevelt County Ethics Ordinance

2021-06 Setting Fees Rates Costs


2020-01 Roosevelt County Personnel Ordinance

2020-32 Vehicle Accident Prevention Policy

2020-33 Loss Prevention Policy



2019-04 Roosevelt County Personnel Ordinance

2019-29 Information Technology Policy

2019-30 Revised Board of Finance Investment and Deposit Policy

2019-39 Roosevelt County Travel and Per Diem Policy

2019-40 Roosevelt County Detention Center Policies and Procedure Manual Annual Review

2019-41 Health Care Assistance Program and Indigent Burial Policy and Procedure Manual



2018-03 Roosevelt County Personnel Ordinance

2018-04 Relating to the Promotion of the Ethical

2018-07 Roosevelt County HCAP Policy

2018-12 Setting Fees Rates Costs for Roosevelt County




2017-06 Setting Fees, Rates, and Cost for Roosevelt County

2017-11 Adopting a Roosevelt County Government Emergency Action Plan

2017-19 A Resolution Revising Roosevelt County Vehicle Accident Prevention Policy

2017-25 Adopting a Title VI Policy for Roosevelt County

2017-27 Roosevelt County Policy Governing Purchasing and Procurement

2017-28 Roosevelt County Policy Governing Capital Assets

2017-03 Roosevelt County Personnel Ordinance

2017-05 Roosevelt County Maintained Road Policy

2017-33 Roosevelt County Loss Prevention Policy 

2017-34 Establishing a County Records Management Policy

2017-45 Social Media Policy



2016-02 Roosevelt County Personnel Ordinance

2016-15 Adopting an Amendment to the Roosevelt County Detention Center Policies and Procedures Manual

2016-38 Approving the Roosevelt County Policy Travel and Per Diem

2016-46 Board of Finance Investment Policy

2016-47 Approving the Roosevelt County Policy Cell Phone Utilization

2016-48 Approving the Roosevelt County Cash Handling Policy

2016-51 Electronic Eavesdropping Unlawful Recording Policy 

2016-53 Adopting a Roosevelt County Government Internal Control Policy



2015-20 Resolution Establishing a Purchasing Policy

2015-71 Resolution Establishing Fuel Usage Log Policy



2014-17 Policy for the Purpose of Increasing Opportunities for Veterans Initiative to Obtain County Employment



1993-07 County Land Use and Management Policy

1993-08 Environmental Policy and Planning Use