Health Care Assistance Program

109 W 1st Street
Portales, NM 88130
575.356-8307 (fax)DSC_8504
Carol Acosta-Flores
Health Care Assistance Administrator

Do I qualify for medical assistance?

Eligible Service Providers covered under HCAP include:

– Hospitals
– Ground / Air Ambulance

 Health Care Assistance Program Eligibility Criteria includes:
– Application must be submitted within 90 days of service
– Applicant must be a Roosevelt County resident (at least 90 days prior to service)

Income Criteria:

- Single, $12,000
– Married, $16,000
– Each dependent up to 4, $1,200
– Maximum, $20,800

Click here for the Health Care Assistance Program (HCAP) Policy

Click here for the Application and Instructions.

Please print and completely answer all questions to expedite the application process.