Grants/Capital Projects

109 W 1st Street
Portales, NM 88130


fax 575.356.8307


Carol Acosta-Flores

Special Project Coordinator

The Special Projects Coordinator, in cooperation with the County Manager and Finance Specialist, is responsible for locating, attaining and implementing grants to assist in the growth and development of Roosevelt County programs and departments.  Special Projects works with department heads and elected officials to determine the needs of county departments and programs.  Special Projects assists the County Manager in coordinating with state agencies to implement contracts and agreements associated with grants, capital outlay projects, legislative appropriations, and long term planning.  The Special Projects Coordinator is also responsible for managing and maintaining the county’s ICIP (Infrastructure and Capital Improvements Plan).

Additional Information regarding capital project throughout Roosevelt County and New Mexico can be found using the link below:

State of New Mexico Local Government Division Capital Projects Database.


Project Title Status Description
CDBG – Community Development Block Grant  Application Award to construct and improve drainage and ADA accommodations on the Roosevelt County Fair Grounds.