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Dana Hernandez

Roosevelt County DWI/Misdemeanor Court Compliance Officer



Roosevelt County DWI/Misdemeanor Court Compliance Program

The Roosevelt County DWI/Misdemeanor Court Compliance Program consists of providing supervision for all Misdemeanor Offenses in the Roosevelt County Magistrate Court system.
Offenders are monitored to ensure successful completion of their court ordered supervised probation.


It is the goal of the Roosevelt County Court Compliance Officer to help offenders help themselves make decisions that will ensure their future success.  The Court Compliance Officer will not only verify that offenders adhere to the mandatory requirements of their sentence but, will also assist offenders with case management for various barriers that have a negative impact on their rehabilitation. Ultimately, the decision not reoffend is up to the offender but, providing helpful tools from the Court Compliance Officer will aid the offender and the community as a whole.

Printable Forms:

Intake Form

Travel Permit 

Monthly Report Forms – DWI

Compliance Monthly Reporting

Compliance Community Service

Reporting Requirements

Program Rules

Probation Referral Sheet

Standard Conditions of Misdemeanor